How the ITL Works

Entry and eligibility

Students from universities across Sydney are welcome to join the Intervarsity Tennis League, providing they are current students and have a background of playing competition tennis.  This includes AMT or national tournaments, team events for any university, or representing tennis teams at Australian University Games.

To enter a team in the ITL, a Nomination Form must be submitted at least one month in advance of tournaments along with the applicable entry fee. Teams can consist of Singles, Doubles of Mixed Doubles and all players must be registered with Tennis NSW. Each player will be ranked in Order of Merit from highest to lowest.

Teams may also enter one alumni player per match, providing they graduated from university within the past 3 years and have previous history of playing university games.


On the day of play, a Match Nomination Form must be submitted by the team manager at least 30 minutes prior to play, with players on site at the time of nomination. Any team that fails to appear for a match will be defaulted 15 minutes from the time the match was scheduled with all games and sets awarded to another team.

Any player that fails to appear at the start of a match will be defaulted. Any remaining matches must be played as soon as possible.

If a player is injured during play and needs to retire from a rubber, cannot come back and play any other rubber in that match, including doubles. If a team loses a doubles or mixed pair player due to injury, the rubber will be forfeited and all points awarded to the other team.

Team spirit

Teams are encouraged to create a team mascot to represent their team. Matching uniforms are also required for players and coaches to clearly identify each team.

Additional information

Download our Player Guide for more information about Intervarsity Tennis Leagues rules and regulations, including Match Formalities, Scoring, Match Cancellations and Dispute Resolution.

Player Guide

Get in touch

If you would like to enter your University Tennis Team into the ITL, please register your interest here and we will be in touch.

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